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Water Tank Cleaning Services

Water Tank Cleaning
Services in Bahrain

Unlike many countries which have the benefit of water direct to tap, properties in Bahrain receive water through a tank and pump system. Unfortunately, dirt, debris and other contaminants can build up in water tanks over time, affecting the quality of your water. They also make your water tank the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and it’s not unusual to find Legionella and other water-borne diseases lurking within them. Clay House provides the best water tank cleaning services in Bahrain.

While there’s no legal rules on who can clean a water tank, only a handful of companies have fully certified and Bahrain Municipality accredited water tank cleaning and disinfection technicians. When you choose We Will Fix It for your water tank cleaning, you can relax knowing that we can meet the high standards of cleaning necessary to leave you and your family with clean, safe, water.

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