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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Bahrain

At  Clay House, we offer custom designed pest control services in Bahrain. We have got our unique rodent and mosquito management mechanism, which ensures comprehensive safety for your establishment. In case you are looking for affordable pest control services in Bahrain, you should have a consultation with us.

Our approach to pest control involves a comprehensive assessment of the location. Next, we incorporate adequate measures to eliminate them from the zone.

The cost of pest control depends on several factors. These include:

  • Size of the infestation
  • Type of the pest
  • Treatments involved
  • Type and size of the property
  • Type of treatment involved

Whether you have termites, bugs, mosquitoes or any other pest at your place, you would benefit from our services. Give us a call and seek effective pest control services.

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Termites Control

Termites (also known as White ants) are found in colonies headed by the queen under or above the earth’s surface numbering from several thousand to millions. These colonies can remain for nearly 30 years and termites make winding tunnels that serve as a passage to and from the colony.

There are several types of termites but the most common are the wood eating termites. These type of termites are found near wood sources at doors, windows and wooden cabinets and also attack the carpets and cardboard boxes. There is also a great risk to plant life if exposed to trees such as palm trees and fruit trees as termites have the capacity to destroy whole trees.

pest control services
pest control services

Rodent Control

Rats and mice can transmit a number of serious diseases such as Leptosprosis, Samonella, and more. They can be very persistent and if rats or mice gain

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs are small parasitic crawling insects crawling with a brown, oval body. Often Bed bugs are not easy to spot as they thrive in the folds of clothes and pillow covers feeding on human or animal blood.

pest control services
pest control services

Insects Control (flies - mosquitoes - bees - wasps)

The types of flying insects that can cause harm to you and those around you are collected from trash cans and fouling like flies, including those who feed on human blood, such as mosquitoes and those who take trash from your home or work place to build nests such as bees and wasps.

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